September 13, 2011

Pets In the House

I missed to have pets in the house. I grow up taking care with dogs. My family loves to have pets. I remember we have numerous dogs from different genes and it was a pleasure recalling the times we spent with each one. It was a mixture of feeling from day one to get the puppy and nurturing them from birth until up to their last breathe. The last dog that I cherished most was Princess. She’s a full blooded Doberman. My youngest brother adopted her when she was 6 months old. She’s already a tough dog because of her age. She was attached to my brother and she was feisty with us. As months had gone by, she got used to our presence but some hesitation on our part. She was aggressive and over protective to my brother. There was a lot of adjustment and had trained her but eventually she gave us some respect.

The only problem with her was she was a messed when she couldn’t help herself to do her thing. She did make a lot of mess in the house. If our floor was a carpet, I am sure it probably a lot of cleaning to do. Pet odor removal from carpet Austin services will sure be a number one priority to help us do the cleaning. If we will not going to use company like that, maybe we could be stressed out. I also noticed the problem we have in the house. It got some odor. I got frustrated at times to solve it. I used different chemicals to experiment to get rid of it. Sometimes it helps and other times the odor was too strong. It needs some professional cleaning like odor removal service austin from steam team and their link is at

We no longer have Princess but we do have her in spirit. We missed her but we will try to get another pet one day. It’s not going to replace her but it will be good to have a pet in the house. Either to protect us for security and to give you some love.

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