September 14, 2011

Roche Winery

It was 2009 when I happen to see this winery. Sounded like my name and I feel like I am the owner. Sad to say, I am not. I wish I owned it. Just wishful thinking. Anyway, I haven't been in the vineyard. I didn't know what's inside and what products they sell. All I have remembered was the name was engraved at one of the small hills and there was a signage at Hwy 121.

I remembered the time I stopped and had my hubby took a picture of me with the place. We didn't go inside. I wish we did. It was just curiosity that we stopped. This time 2 weeks ago, I tried to search for it and hoping we could get in. But it was closed. They also moved. There was no sign of the hill it was gone. The signage was already moved and it's a new one. I did take a picture of it. The place looks like empty but there was no showroom that can be seen on the road. I haven't even seen the vineyard. It looks deserted. Hopefully next time, I can see the place and tasted their wine.

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