October 21, 2011

Burned Thumb

Today was an exciting day for me to try a different technique to curl my hair. Sorry guys for this obsession of mine. I always do this thing when I am into something. I won't stop until I get the best out of it. It has been weeks that I read and watched tutorial online about how to curl hair.

So, what I did today was I bought a new hair straightener from Sally's beauty salon. I got the GVP ionic ceramic styling iron. I could have like the nano but I was kind of worried that I might just wasting money on expensive products. So I stick to my budget and got it. I intend to use the iron straightener to speed up the process of curling. Indeed, I was really surprised how fast it is. Less than an hour, I was finished and not even get stressed about it. The beginning was little tricky but then I got the hang of it after few attempts.

The curl was fabulous. Still messy! I want it to be clean. Maybe another day. I will try it one more time.

I used 3 products to set up the hair. I wanted to protect my hair from the heat. First, I used the thermal spray. Then, the light styling spray and the curling gel spray. All three was used and hoping to that it could hold the curl with my thick hair. It was a success because the curl really lasts. I didn't have to use another product just to hold the curl.

Using a new thing and getting used to it was a learning curve and I got a little accident while doing the process. I burned my left thumb. It's a little painful actually. I never been burned from an iron before. This iron from GVP can really burned your beautiful fingers. It really heats up fast that you don't have to wait forever. I am glad the accident wasn't that awful. Still, no matter how small the burn it's painful.

The red burned thumb. It's okay I survived! lol!

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