October 16, 2011

Winchester Mystery House

Didn't have so much time to take a pic of the mansion's structure. The guide didn't tell us when to take and for how long we can take pictures. I was in a speed of clicking when I took mine. It wasn't the best picture ever. All I cared that time was as long as I could have one good picture I will be happy. Above is the only one decent capture.

Can't you believe it that I only happen to visit this place today? This is located only 15 minutes away from my place but I have not ever been there. It's also a good time to visit this month to have a feel for halloween. Since I am not planning anything for that day it's good right now to have that fun.

I had the grand estate tour package with hubby. Bad part, the garden is close didn't able to see it. We went for the mansion and behind the scene tour. Overall I see everything. It's quite a tour. The house is huge and very creepy. I am glad I finally have the chance to see it.

At the entrance

For the price of the tour, it's a rip off. The tour guides are not great. You have to walk like a mile to tour the mansion. I was disappointed that they don't allow pictures taken inside the place. What the heck! Photos are allowed before and now no more? They could have at least give one section of the place for photography. I am not happy about it. I only happen to have the pictures here at the exterior when it's allowed but don't have enough time to do it.

The exhibit of the guns the Winchester made.

This is just one of them.

scarecrow - halloween decor

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