October 7, 2011

Database Failure

I had a moment at my job where I had trouble logging in to our data base. There was no manager around. It was just me and my other counterpart and if managers are not present I cover the admin and operation responsibilities. The episode of the database crash was pretty new to me. There was an error when I tried to open it and there was no way I could configure the problem. I was frantic not knowing what to do and I couldn’t ask my counterpart since I know better than her. There’s nothing else I could do but to ask from our IT department. They are not physically around and they are doing their facility management software business at our main branch which is further away from our actual location. There’s no way they could see the trouble.

Suddenly I hear another gentleman on the same phone giving me more advice on how to troubleshoot. I did what they recommend and when I rebooted my computer everything went back to normal. It worked again. It was pretty scary to think that if the system didn’t work I will call the software company who made it to ask for database recovery. Good thing it didn’t happen, it might be a work overload for me. Managing the database solely is not a pretty good thing but a job security.

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