October 12, 2011

Driving a rental car

I had a rental car for a week and I was riding the Mazda Cx9. Year built is 2011. It was a sweet car. I haven't riding it all over town since I am scared about getting into an accident with a rental. So basically just riding it home, work and food shopping. Hubby and I drove it in a weekend but not that far. So far base on my observation, it was a cool car. It's build solid and it runs pretty well. All interior and electric stuff are nice. The downside with that car I wonder, there was no Ipod docking station. It's recently made. Maybe it's an upgrade to have it. But overall, I like the car. The turning was pretty nice too. Now I am back to my basic but reliable car which has good gas mileage compare to the the Mazda.

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