October 12, 2011

Gift Giving

The smell of the holiday is here. If you think about it, more parties are coming up. Not to mention gift giving to friends and family. I recently sent a package of box for my family in the Philippines. I consume variety of products in the box. But I think it’s not enough. I am thinking to buy other stuff soon as well once I get it all together. It’s a little costly to think of.

They say it is the time of gift giving but I think I only give and don’t really receive anything in return. I care less if it’s in the family since I know how their finances are. I love to give them as much as I only can afford. For my little cute nephews and niece, the box I sent them was not enough. I am sure they would ask why their Aunt was too short this year. I will look into a party supply store what I can find deals for them. I will send them some more. I also would add some things more for the adults too. I wish I could spend the holiday with them. This year is not possible for that. I hope one day it will come.

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