October 28, 2011

Into Plaid and Stripes

Just few months ago, I changed some of my work wardrobe. Weight has something to do with it and I recently find out websites that are pretty good with sales and discounts so I was kind of hook about it. I spend a little more with working clothes since I haven't really doing that for 2 years. Can you think about the savings I get LOL! If not for the weight, I could have stick to my old clothes.

Anyway, I don't know why but my preferences now for work clothes are plaid, stripes and of course I love solid colors. It's just hard for me to find discounts on solid so with the budget I have I stick to plaid and stripes. But it's good quality and well known brand. I am so happy I can purchase it online rather than going to stores. I hate going to the mall. LOL! Am I weird? No, I just hate to walk. LOL! Now, that causes the weight gain.

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