October 28, 2011

What I've learned

Last night I saw an episode of a person who went surgery for breast cancer and the life it changed her. I saw the drastic changed it caused to her body, soul and perspective about life. It touched my heart seeing what she had been through. I had a family member that went to that too but I was too young to remember. She was my grand mother but I couldn’t remember how she dealt with it but all I remembered that I spent with her was she was a very approachable and lovable.

Anyway, what struck me also was that you could also do breast augmentation after the surgery. I didn’t know that it could be possible. Well lucky for people who has the money to spend. But for poor people who struggle to survive and paying medical expenses are way too much. What I learned from the show was that it is possible to do breast augmentation.

In my future if I have problems with my upper body, I will probably take the consideration of getting under the knife. It’s all about to make me feel comfortable and also if the financial means can be attainable.

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