October 13, 2011

♫ Music In My Mind ♫

On the weekend, I was listening to music and suddenly I thought of using my yamaha keyboard and check if I can still play. I guess with all the years when I was a child knowing how to play I still got it. Though I only play chords now and playing it by ear. What's hard now is that I don't remember the notes of the chords and I would rely now on the chords chart. Makes it harder and time consuming!

The songs I was interested to play was Jar of hearts and Someone like you. I looked chords online and search youtube about tutorials on how to play it. I got the music sheets printed. I was excited to play until the reality sank in.

I started with Jar of Hearts. When I searched the artists Christina Perri, she posted on her blog the chords for the actual song and the one I printed was not the same. So I redo all the chords on the sheet. Man it was time consuming. Until the bridge, I had difficulty copying the actual melody. I kept on searching website from website who posted tutorial for the bridge. Non played the same. I tried to listen attentively if I can copy cat it but I can't. I was a little disappointed. I want to get that song played the same. I will keep on searching if I can find it.

For Someone like you, I didn't start at all. I was stocked with Jar of Hearts. If I finished the song, I will practice someone like you. Maybe I could take a video of me playing but I don't know, I am not an expert nor not that good. At least I can play a little. LOL!

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