October 5, 2011

Thinking for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. I am excited to spend the holiday but I am not too thrilled about spending my birthday which I will be another year old. Maybe I have to stop counting my age so I could not remember how old I am. Sound silly but I am serious about this. Speaking of age I get a little depressed.

This time of year I want to send cards for family and few friends differently. I am thinking of taking my own picture and print it. The outfits for the pictorial might be a challenge since I am debating what color theme for the year I will use. Red probably a good color to choose since Christmas colors are mainly in red, green and white. So if I do reds then I also want to accessories our outfits with lapel pins from pinsmart.com. At their website, when you go down to Christmas and holiday pins page 1 and 3 you can find the gold reindeer pin and gold rose pin. These are my choices since I like gold and I have gold jewelries. This combination of lapel pins can make my outfit more stunning. I may want to order some of it to give friends for the holiday too. Now I am being excited.

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