November 6, 2011

Get an Insurance

The accident I had last September made me appreciates having coverage for motor vehicle liability insurance. I am saying this because base on the experience I had with the driver who had no insurance. The quote from the auto body shop was costly. The driver who was responsible was so unlucky. He should not be driving if he has no insurance. I pity him for that matter but it’s a lesson he should learned from the beginning of his driving experience. With my insurance, I didn’t spend a dime for the repair. Even it was a fraction of small dents on the driver side, it was expensive. Lucky I am, I have my full coverage insurance.

To all aspiring drivers and drivers who get no insurance, you better get yourself at least the motor vehicle liability insurance. There are many companies out there but has more to give. The company offers motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates. This way you can cover some expenses if accident happens. It’s a big burden carrying to pay all those car repairs. Don’t wait until the moment hits you. Act now before it’s too late. Get yourself some protection and drive safely.

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