November 8, 2011

Headache again

Monday afternoon was so excruciating pain and agony. I was working barely seeing clearly what's the text on my pc. Pretending I am doing okay. I lasted the day to work and in fact I got to shop some food. I was trying hard to get all the groceries inside my place, did the dishes and after I just laid flat on the couch. The pain lasted all evening until I went to bed. I slept early probably before 10pm. I woke up exhausted and my throat was too dry. I decided to stay home and get well rested.

I still have on and off headache and laying flat makes it go away. I hope what I am feeling isn't too bad. I really have myself checked what's going on with getting casual headaches. This has been going for a time probably 2 years now. Hope nothing's wrong.

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