March 21, 2012

Update after awhile

Well, it has been awhile since writing my last post. Quite so busy with school and my time is so hectic these days. I can't wait school to be over. I have not rested well enough. I have been doing so many homework and lots of reading. I was supposed to take 3 classes but I don't have the time for 3 so I dropped 1 class. It could have been a good training for me. Time is just so hectic I don't want to neglect my personal life as well. I also have less time spending it with friends. I can only do when I have few hours to spend. It's rare these days because of so much reading and homework. Just these week we have our midterm and I did it in flying colors with one subject and the other one will be graded next month, there's the thrill if my score is perfect or just bare pass it.

My photography is neglected as well. I haven't done any reading nor practice. Even my online training I at times forget that I paid for it. Just so busy! I am looking forward for the end of May to get out of school.

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