May 18, 2012

Latest Hoarding

Since school is almost over. I want to do more photography shots again. I still paying my training online which I haven't really take advantage for the past 4 months, I think it's time to concentrate with it again. So for my latest product hoarding, radio transmitter. I didn't get the Pocketwizzard. I think there's no use to spend more when at this time I am trying to learn new techniques and improving shots. It's cost saving for me and the advantage is great.

Do you know what it is? It's from Impact. I spend less than expected and I got 2 receivers and a transmitter with extra battery. I am so happy that I got it.

Test shot..

 Used Tokina 12-24, D90 with the transmitter on top of a D90 and SB600 mounted to a receiver. Shot the flash in an angle. Nice... SB600 wasn't noisy if to compare using C-mode. Man I am starting to like it. 

 Used Tamron 28-75, d90 with the same combine set up like what I've mentioned above. With few shots testing the aperture and exposure composition and a tweak in Lightroom 3 i got this finish photo. Amazing! I am excited to try this more.

Impact gives me the power to shoot wireless with a flash syncing the camera. Oh boy! This could be addicting..

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