May 29, 2012

One Light Pictorial

My friend and I did a photo shoot on Saturday. It's a different setting not because I intended to but because of not checking the lists. I wasn't so happy about it since I expected too much of myself. But I've learned.

For the pictorial, I only used 1 key light which my SB600 was helpful. The beauty dish I brought with the monolight strobe was useless. Do you know what I missed? The bulb, duh! What on earth did I not check that? Out of being what? Well, another lesson learned. The 3rd one I missed, the head of the tripod. Too bad, I'm getting old. Is this a sign? I missed a lot of things. So all shots were hand held. It's a practice in the sense. I know one thing I don't have a good steady hands and legs. It worked on my advantage. If only the tripod was working, it could have been less work for me.

So here's the output:

There's more to this pictorial, but I only posted these photos above. What you think? Am I improving?

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