June 1, 2012

Happy Hour @ Pedro's

This is a late post from April's event. My friend invited me to get together to a happy hour at Pedro's. It's somewhere near our job and it's very accessible to mostly of our friends. It was a cool place. I ate their twice at my company's get together but didn't capture any of it.

Though at my friend's get together, I didn't get so much pictures since I was a little tipsy hahaha! 3 drinks of Margarita with 1 shot of another tequila. A good buzz but able to control.

If you would ask me, do I still want to go there? Yes, of course. It's a cool place to hang out and their food is mediocre.

Not drunk yet, took a pose before getting there! lol!

me and my friends with our drinks

I ordered this chicken fajita aside from the free snack bites at the buffet area. My verdict, it was good!

My friend Tess was the only one can fit to this. I never even dared to since I am the smallest of them all less the heels.

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