September 10, 2012

Durhan white beach, Tabuelan Cebu

This resort is located in Northern Cebu. I was coming from Talisay where my folks live. We took the new Consolation coastal route from Talisay taking SRP to Mandaue. And then, pass Liloan all the way to Sogod. There is a short cut somewhere in Sogod. We drove 30minutes or less riding the Cube Nissan which my brother had trouble driving with a spare tire but able to make it. It was such a relief to be able to get out of the road.

Fom the main road, you will pass unpaved dirt. A couple of areas are cemented. With having a low ride vehicle, it was a pain in the A**. lol! It was like heaven when we reached the entrance gate. I really expect a dramatic entrance but not Jose. The gate was not made of fancy decorated metal or wood carving, it was plain. You could not really remember what it looked like. hahaha...

 The entrance has a post station on the left and on the right side was this nipa hut. This nipa hut is the reception area. Man, it was ugly looking. Too bad I can't justify without any proof. I couldn't waste any memory of my digital camera with just that ugly shack. Bad of me sorry. It's the truth. I only take pictures if I find it significant to my collection. It wasn't so nothing to show you here.
The whole beach front taken from La Familia Resort. It was so ugly that day. 
No retreat no surrender, I secured my room reservation from "Nang Tesing" at the reception. In fairness, I like her. She's very polite and whatever requests I asked she listened. No doubt I have no complaints from her and the staff. They are all so nice to me.

I think their room rates doesn't equate what they wanted to offer to their guests. The grounds were unfinished. They have a chapel inside the resort. Hmmm.. I don't know if that's really okay since not all people are Catholics. What about Christians and other religion? Sounds not a good idea. But they have a good intension but it's not for the masses. They have to consider other people's faith too.

I think the management just don't care how the guests would feel after staying at their place.  The building needs new paint. Rooms needs cleaning thoroughly. Some cobwebs and ants are a no no which apparently I did happen to observe in the room. Aircondition unit is rusted. I don't know with the humidity and the sea breeze if they could do something about it but I think if they want to make an impression they need to take care of it. Water pressure was low. You don't want guest taking time to shower.

Bugs and insects could come to the room.They need to care. Bed comforter none and blankets and linens are too thin. Acceptable maybe for the locals, but not for foreigners who to say can pay at their rates.

This cottage for groups and big family. But when I checked it out, it was filthy. If anyone can stay there, I don't know how comfortable you could sleep. For me, it was not inhabitable. I want them to burn it down. It's not the kind of place you want people to sleep in. Maybe too picky, but for real it's freaking dirty.
They don't have pure white beach. It's mostly seaweeds, algae and rocky. It's not even clean. September is not the best time to go for a swim but at least they could have someone maintain and clean it. Occasional rain and bad weather can really make this resort ugly. It's unfortunate we were at the time but the least we expect perfection.

The beach front is destroyed with the dikes. It could have been nice when all of that are gone. Like an instant magic. But not it needs labor and costs. A beach really looks nice if the shore is wide enough and definitely clean to be inviting. What can I say, I am just here to vent. I was disappointed. I really wanted to promote this place. Though it didn't reach or pass my NICE category, the least I can do is to spread the name of this place in here. Who knows someone might be able to read it one day and care enough to make a change.

They actually have an area where you could bring your food and stuff. Only no refrigerator in the rooms. Not a good idea to bring lots when you can't cook all of it.  The flies I tell you. Beware. They are everywhere like bees. It's overkill. In seconds it's a shock, it will be all over your food. Not so very happy about it. I really wanted to eat lots especially when I am at a the beach. Strange enough my appetite wasn't there.

If no flies, clean beach, manicured finished grounds, complete bedroom linens, I could have stayed with the family for days. The 2 day plan was ruined because of disappointment. I canceled which was not very likely I would do but I did.

The only place you could feel nice is the restaurant. Just beware of the no menu lists. Order what you want and hope they have it on stock. lol!

I hope they could improve and listened to the complaints of the guests.This place could be so nice if only being handled properly.

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