October 8, 2012

Turtle Bay Dive Resort, Moalboal Cebu

I spent one night in this proclaimed best dive resort in the south of Cebu, Moalboal. Hubby was the one who chose to book it and I got my surprise while I was there. The resort overall is clean. You will feel at home and will be able to relax your eyes from the eye sore of the city. There was silence. No guests in sight. I haven't seen anyone around though I saw towels hanging on some of the balcony in the 2nd floor. I haven't meet any guests at all.
The landscapes are well manicured, pool is heated and has a salt treatment. It maybe treated or maybe the dive masters are teaching the students with not so clean scuba gears. Who knows if it's really a salt treated pool. I forgot to ask. The staff were nice. They still lack foreign standard in treating their guests. I don't care that much since it's acceptable to me and I feel comfortable when they are around.

The only thing I didn't like about the resort. It's expensive. The room rates and restaurant menu prices are way too high. No tv in the room and no free water. Bringing food and drinks are not allowed. You will be fined for PHP200 per item. How would you say to that? Probably, it's okay about the food policy. But drinks, they should honor it. Moalboal is a long way drive. People will really bring along food while on the road. I don't know how the mind works of these owners. We don't want to pay any fines so we tried to hide the drinks and snacks we brought in from the trip.
If you are a diver, with the intent of a prolong stay, the drinks are free. You have to request it in the restaurant. It's a bit of a hassle I think. Why can't they provide it for all the guests including the non divers who wanted to stay at the resort.

There was no shoreline and didn't try to swim. I have heard that it was a rocky beach. I don't want to get injury of trying. Is it really worth the value? I am a bit skeptical. It's really a nice resort. Maybe I don't have the money to spend for it's worth.

The cons:
- From the main highway you have to ride a local tricycle or motorbike depending on the local rates. We were surrounded with drivers when we got out from the bus and the hassling was crazy. Fortunately, there was a good driver name Jong and offered to drive us for PHP30 each. He is the only driver that doesn't jump up the price for tourists and hope he stays that way. We rode in his tricycle and get to the resort probably like 15 minutes. Getting to the resort is not all cemented road. You will pass a dirt bumpy road.

- Insects and bugs sure does will get inside to the room. I saw centipedes and spiders. Hubby got his tarantula experience in the morning while I was asleep.

- No food and drinks allowed.

- Food and drinks are too expensive.

- Bats are flying crazy in the pool at night.

- Beach is not good for swimming.

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Misfer S. Al Dossary said...

I liked the resort through reading about it but why should I go there since the food is not allowed to be brought from outside.

I will be first visitor If the policy is changed