October 11, 2012

Sumilon Island Adventure

It was not planned nor expected. It was a spare of the moment decision. I came up with the idea since we were already in the south, close to Oslob in Santander that is. We stayed for a night there but had a horrible experience with Noblesse Hotel. So the 2nd day, we decided to move sporadically.

We took a tricycle ride out of a security guard's suggestion at the port near Noblesse Hotel. We could have  take the bus but it departed at 1pm. Anxiously, we wanted to get out of Santander fast and whatever sort of transportation we could take and the only other means to ride was the pedicab.

 I negotiated a driver for merely PHP150 or maybe lower for the fare. An aircon bus fare is PHP60 and comfortable but time was not our friend. I think I may be a fool about the price but I felt it was just about right. If not, I would say bless the driver. I didn't mind about the money, but thankful he drove us safely. We were able to catch the boat and no broken bones.

Out of luck, we were able to book Sumilon Blue Waters online through Agoda when we were in Noblesse. We went to the place with no confirmation or proof about the booking. We asked the concierge to check our reservation, sure it did go through. Happy and glad, it started our expedition.

It was a little bit awkward when we knew that the boat crew and guests at the dock were waiting for us. It wasn't a bad wait and it wasn't our decision that the concierge called the captain to hold on until we could finish the short briefing of the island. It was indeed short and they also gave us calamansi juice as a welcome drink. It was refreshing. It helped our thirst after the motor ride experience. You can imagine the exhaust from the engine, dust, and humidity. We badly need that pampering though it wasn't that much, it helped.
After the talk and welcoming gesture, we rode the boat for 10 minutes and arrived on the island. We walked to the reception area, settled the booking and got to check our room. Finally, a nice room and of course got to love the Oceanview. Yay!
The weather in September is a hit or miss. With Mr. Sunshine on our side that day, we went to see the sandbar. Did our picture taking for souvenir. On the other side of the island, we did the snorkel. I had my first jelly fish encounter though I didn't really see the actual fish. Hubby said he saw a few which he forgot to remind me. It was a lightning bolt out of nowhere when it hit us. It was an abrupt stopped. We got off shore and check ourselves. We saw red marks on our bodies and glad it wasn't that bad. I felt numb though.
It was nice to experience to snorkel which you might not know it was my first. I was able to see different kinds of species. The jelly fish incident wasn't a spoiler. I didn't even mind it. The ocean's species is a mystery by itself. Let nature take care of it. No harm done, a little pain was nothing.

The Sumilon Adventure helped us get rid some of our uneasiness of adjusting the humidity, dirt of the city, over crowded places and noise in Cebu. It was only 3 days and 2 nights in the island. We did achieve to sleep better, eat a little healthy and swim to a fine, crystal blue water.

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