October 30, 2012

Waste of Time in Noblesse Hotel

With all my experiences of traveling this place was the worst and I was very disappointed. This hotel is own by a Korean which I happen to see the owner himself.

What I didn’t like about the place, false advertising. But actually, they don’t really have a good one. I only saw their video in youtube. I could have read customer reviews but I don’t happen to find one. I will probably be the first.

Let me start by saying if you want to go for a swim with a nice beach, this place doesn’t carry that. The beach is nice but no shoreline. This hotel is near the port. Would you be comfortable to swim? I don’t think so. 

They have a small pool. During the time, earthquake hit Cebu and the hotel’s pool was affected. What they just said to the guests? The pool was under repair. No reimbursement or something to help their lack of amenities. It was a waste. 

They provide scuba training. I made inquiry about it but didn’t reserve. What their staff did? They keep on calling the hotel’s room minute by minute figuring out if hubby would like to pursue the training. Man the phone was like alarming to your ears even at night. These fools and management won’t even mind.
The restaurant issue was a draw back. It really drove us down and hated the place. It was very late afternoon around 2pm probably. We saw other Caucasian guests with their mate dining comfortably with waiter’s warmth gesture. When it came down to us, our order was screwed.
Hubby ordered a club sandwich which their poor cook made him a vegetable sandwich. How could someone in the kitchen pretend to serve food especially to someone who knows what a club sandwich is? Stupidity! They thought because we look too local and I speak the native language they would assume it will just be okay to eat something that was presented to us in the hopes we could be enticed with the looks of it. No. We didn’t go that far. Though I ate my sour spaghetti but hubby didn’t pay his share of the bill because he didn’t eat the food. Good for them. 
 This was the vege club sandwich!

 Maybe it was just a bad day, but it wasn’t. We got down and hoping we could eat a decent breakfast the day after. What these fools did? Not a single one of the waiters came to our table and ask if we want to eat breakfast. We waited there for sometime I don’t know how long but no one showed up to ask. We were at raged. We got up from our seat. Then, when we almost hit the entrance door, someone asked ‘Mam’ ‘Mam’, but I didn’t even turn my back.  We were out and ate somewhere else. We don’t make business when no one is please to do business with us. 

We checked out at 11am and requested to pay us back a meal which we didn’t take at breakfast. It was a complimentary breakfast that I paid. We got back the money and left with hate.

We are very accommodating guests when we are served right. We tip when no one else give tip. We give thanks when no one ever dares to appreciate. But if we are screwed, we don’t shut up and we will do something in return.

 Beach area. See what I told you. Not that great.

 As you can see from here, the rock and the port.

The pool area in the 2nd floor.

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