November 5, 2012

"No Stock Mam, Sir"

Well, I didn’t really know about this until I’ve heard it one day in Mcdonald’s beside Gaisano Fiesta Mall while I was on vacation in Cebu Philippines.

There was this guy, his Filipina wife and a child who sat behind me. I didn’t eavesdrop at their conversation but there's no way for me to avoid it. The chairs were too tiny I had no room to give them privacy. While hubby was in front of me, he couldn’t get away with it as well. So we listened. :)

This guy was Australian. Hubby thought so. The way he conversed and used words hubby said that he might be. Anyway, the talk started with how they describe ordering food. Every time they asked for cream or milk, the cashier/attendant would say “I am sorry Mam/Sir, No Stock."

To verify this if it's correct, we tried this at several different restaurant. Proven and true, all the allegation of “no stock” is very common in Cebu. I don’t know if this is the same case with other provinces. 

Places that we went with no stock – Noblesse Hotel, KFC, Mcdo, Jollibee, Spaghetti house, Pizza hut, TGIF  in Ayala, Bigby's, even at the fine dining restaurant in Anzani. So many others I can’t specifically remember.

If you ever read this post, try it yourself and check if I am telling the truth.

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