May 28, 2013

St Maarten 2013 Part 2

Though my heart is weary, looking at this video from my recent trip uplifted my spirit.

In this video I used my recent HD camera Sony HDR CX380 and D90. I wasn't fully happy on the quality of the video. I was expecting more of it which somehow was really a disappointment. But I have to use what I've got. Money doesn't grow on trees. I am practical, you know? Hmmm...

For me, this was only a little step up on our previously old Sony handy camera and canon digital camera. I think my D90 has more ability to take better videos if using prime lens. But on the other hand the panning is jittery. It's a disaster. So I really have mixed emotions on the video.

But at the end of the day, I am happy that I had something I could keep and remember through these videos.

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