August 30, 2013

Makeup Haul - Brush

Playing with makeup and learning the techniques is my past time now. Aside from taking photos of course I am having a good time with this stuff. Glad to know there's something you can do when you feel down.

Today I had my medical appointment and after I got good result, I decided to drop by to a store nearby since I am already close to the area. I went to Ulta. I have been eying Real Technique Brushes for so long and I need an extra foundation brush. My sigma kabuki F80 is a workmanship but I want another spare if my sigma is dirty. But it's a bit costly, so I thought RT can work since lots of people are raving about it. Finally, I bought it in Ulta. So here's the damage..

 Instead of one, I bought 3. Well, since I was already in the store might as well just grab all that I think is necessary.

 Expert Face Brush - $8.99

 Stippling Brush - $9.99

 Aside from foundation, I will be using this to contour the face. Since this is small compare to my other brushes it will have it's purpose. Not only a foundation brush but it can be my contour. Yay!

Setting Brush - $7.99 I don't have this kind/type of brush so I believe this will serve me well.

Target was nearby too and I want a couple of small brushes from Sonia Kashuk and Blending Brush from Elf. But they only have these babies in stock. Still I am happy, I didn't left the store empty handed.

 Sonia Kashuk - Small $4.99 Medium $5.99

I have been using the small brush mostly in my makeup tutorial. It's good to have more of these but I only got this today. So another day then :) 

Nyx Jumbo Pencil - Black Bean
Last but not the least, this baby is a must which I don't have. So I got this too at Ulta for $4.99.

Also, I bought these Coastal Scents Brushes last week and it came on Monday. I had the money to spend for these from my blog and it's not much but it makes me happy to buy this. 
 They added I love makeup sticker and the sample eyeshadow quad. Good job, coastal scents.

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