August 29, 2006

Grand Prix, San Jose Ca

We heard it 2 weeks before we careless to get a ticket, until last Sunday we were rushed to look for one. There were no available ticket online so we only had the choice to purchase it at the nearest gate entrance. Parking with no fee was really hard to find for such a big event like that. We found one near the entrance and it cost us $20 dollars. Geez! We walked to the gate and paid more than a $100 for 2 another Geez again! lol....When we're at the site, the bucks you paid was not enough to witness the race. We got what we paid for. Before I only saw it through CNN or any sports channel, now seeing it with my two own eyes sports fan for sure will get so thrilled by experiencing. I'm not such a sport minded person but cars like that, it gave me a WOW experience. I sure did have fun. It was cool.

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