December 29, 2007

Got some Surprises

My friends and I gathered on the 23rd to celebrate our good friend Joy's birthday at the same time with mine and for Christmas too. Majority all the invited guests did come. There were lots of foods, drinks, and exchange gifts. Everyone had a good time talking, sharing laughters and cheers, dancing and singing karaoke.
It was indeed very surprising for me to received gifts from friends who are very close to my heart. Two of them gave me pieces of jewelry which is very significant to our friendship and I treasure it. My hubby gave me a cross pendant that was very much the likes of him. Every year he always spend time to look around for something he thinks I dont have and could represent me. He had given me so much things and the last gift was so important because he got the time to find it. He surprised me with a Yamaha keyboard. He knows that I always want to play though I am not very good at it but I just love having it. I cant measure how happy I am to have it and now playing with it.

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texas_sweetie said...

hi Roch,wow looks like u had fun sa party ah.. so sweet are the hubbies who never fail to please their wives diba? kakainlab hehe..anyways,tenk u for visiting my blog. wish to see u there again. Have a nice weekend