December 30, 2007

A house not made a Home

I can't help not to think about this small beautiful house of ours. My husband bought this 10 yrs or so and the house is immaculate inside even if its a bit older. He didn't get to use much of this. There was a time when he let his brother and nephew stayed and even himself occupied it just a few years.

When I arrived here last 2005, seeing it I love to live in it. But yet, the distance of this from his work hinders us not to move in. He already got an apartment set up for us near his job thinking it will just be a temporary place but it ended up until now we are still renting it.

The house had been vacant for 4yrs or so and every weekend we always take our time to drive for almost 2hrs. There were only few instances when I got the chance to slept over but it was the time when we decided to sell the house. That was the reason we stayed some couple of weekends to clean, did some paint touches, moving boxes, clearing up the garage, maintaining the grass of our front and back lawn and a lot more. It was a lot of work for us but it pays to see how we managed to keep it very clean and livable.

My husband always have frustrations over the matter of not providing me a house where we can live in it. We may have a house but we don't enjoy it. Now its making me a little bit sad because we came up to another plan of leasing it to others and now its leased. It's not yet occupied but it will be this 1st of January. I am scared to people who may destroy it. I just hope that the tenant will be as good in terms of payment and taking care of the house.

Next year will perhaps be a better year for me and hubby. We might get away from the place we are renting and find a bigger home to stay and live on. I am thrilled to that next move and will cross fingers.


texas_sweetie said...

wow such a beauty roch..pretty house but then sad it's far from ur hubby's work.

no good idea parentahan ang balay..hohoho some leasers don't even care of the house after all it's not theirs..i just hope that when they're done with their contract sa inyo house they won't do any damage to it kay na sayang...


We are pretty leery to let others to rent the house, but we have not much choice especially that we want to find a house or a bigger place where we can enjoy our time together much closer to both of our work place. Its being said that if you invest a house, you don't have to love it. In some point, we are loving the house so its hard to let it go.