December 30, 2007

Spend Quality Time

Saturday morning when I woked up, I got a terrible headache. Supposedly, both of us need to move things out of the house in Antioch but instead hubby just did it alone. It was a busy day for him to do it by himself. My assistance could have been a great help but he persisted to let me stay and get rested. I had chill and felt so cold. I had ate my breafkast and took pills for relief.

So by no choice my husband did all the move. Our things in the house must need to be emptied before January 1st. I could just imagine how tiring it could be going back and forth removing things out of the house to a new storage unit just recently rented out. It must be so tiring in his part doing it with no help.

Middle of the day, he called to check on how I am doing and told me about his progress. He got some delays and need a day or two to get all the stuff before the tenants could move in. I told him I got a little better, but I still have little headache. I didn't do much progress because I just put myself to rest. I had cleared some of the papers over the coffee table and washed dirty dishes. I don't want to pressed myself to do more labor since I am too weak to handle much effort. Once in awhile while I was resting, I checked emails, blog site and looked some friends who were online in yahoo messenger.

My hubby always prioritize the weekend for spending quality time with me. He said sorry about this ongoing process we had for our recently lease agreement with the agent we are working with. I understand how it is and I supported him all the way. He did some running again today in the house and came home after 1pm. He brought the couch again which could fill our small apartment. We don't have much choice but to bring it back. Putting it to storage would not only cost us more but it will only build up dusts which we don't like.

So we started our day together at Officemax to checked for a business cards. We plan to make one soon so we could use it for our business trip in Hongkong, not very long for now and its a priority these days. Just a few minutes over there, and had lunch at Yoshinoya Restaurant. A japanese fastfood over the street in El Camino Real. Most servers were Filipino. I felt like being home. The food is okay and brought some food to go boxes again.

We didn't waste our time there for we were catching a time for the movie "National treasure, the book of secrets" at AMC Mercado. We arrived on time, got tickets and seated. I love the movie. If its adventure, mystery, puzzle like, its my thing. I enjoyed watching it. Though my hubby was yawning several times, it didn't destruct me from liking the movie. He must be worn out from his labor intensive day which I understood. I ended the movie with a good feeling and hoping to expect there will be another sequel. We left the movie house and got some coffee at Starbucks which is just right beside the theater and head straight home.

Our time together is precious. Even how less it could be, the moment we shared our time together is very significant. We always have the time to let each other know how important it is being together.

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