December 31, 2007

13 Round fruits for the New Year

The Philippines has lots of "superstitions" and this includes the 13 rounded fruits for the New Year. I don't pretty much know the significance of it when I was a child but growing up I've realized what it is all about. The round shape of each different fruits represents "money," and the count of 13 denotes “Lucky 13”. I simply can’t remember why it has to be 13. Maybe I need to talk to older people with regards to this to give you better explanation but both of my grandparents had died some couple of years ago and there’s no way for me to know how the number 13 epitomize. But hey, if they said its 13 without knowing why, people back home would still believe it. For they think, if it embodies “Providence”, they would be at the supermarket or fruit stands counting how many they have and never stopped buying until they can gather it all.

It’s always been my mom's preparation every year. One of us her children must either ran an errand for her if she believes she miscounted. Most of the time, we made complaints because getting to stores or supermarket riding a “tricycle” could take us forever especially it’s always been a busy day for everyone. With no any means and letting go the complaints, if that’s what mom’s wishes! Alas, we all must get it.

I miss my mom so much. Being far away from her and home, I can think back the 3 years I didn’t spend the holidays with her. By then I could say I am missing a lot of that years I am not with her nor my family. My mom is great. Every year she threw out a party for me on my birthday at the same time making our “Noche Buena” for Christmas Eve. It’s not very typical of us to look forward for Christmas gifts under a Christmas tree during early mornings at Christmas day but it’s the enjoyment of the food we’d shared and watched fireworks when the clock strikes 12.

For New Year’s it’s the party for other people that both my parents would organize. They would buy different kinds of gifts for what we called it “Pa raffle”. We will always prepare some foods, drinks and gifts for the people. The spirit of giving is bestowed in us through my parents returning the blessings from God by sharing what they can give to others. It’s really a nice thing to give when there’s more to give.

At work today, my boss promised to gave us the opportunity to get home early than said work hours we have scheduled. It’s very nice to have that kind of offer when you could be benefited by the hours you don’t work and get paid. I really loved it when it happens. There were already instances I had that chance.

Anyway, back to the traditional fruits. I drove to Lucky’s formerly known as Albertson and came to my search. I looked upon and counting the bags I got, I saw a Filipina lady. Maybe older than me for a few years, she was counting and I did at the same time with mine. I’d give her a smile. She spoke to me in “Tagalog” and asked on how many did I have and she gave me a clue to make mine complete. We’ve separated ways not exchanging names or something, just casually made that simple gesture. So you see, anywhere in the world I know now for sure, there are many Filipinos who are counting their fruits and wishing for good fortune for the coming year. Happy New Year Everyone!

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