January 1, 2008

Just the two of Us

I was expecting that I could spend the New Year with a fine dinner at a good restaurant sipping wine and eat food. It didn't happen. I waited for my husband to get home. I spoked with him twice over the phone when I got off from work. Estimated time he should be here was at 8pm. By the time I was waiting, I heard the phone rings. A good friend from Nebraska called. We talked lots of crazy stuff like we normally do when we were still in Cebu. I missed to be with her, seeing her beautiful smile and her girlish laughter. She made my night. Then in a little while Suzzy called, inviting me and Joey to be at her place to celebrate for the New Year. It sounds good and I wanted to go but still have to wait for Joey.

He arrived past 11pm. I didn't know how much hard work he put into emptying the house in Antioch. He looked overly exhausted. I could see some of the stuff he brought at the back of the small Chevy truck. I could tell that must be so tiring. He was thinking that we might be able to go to Suzzy's place but looking at the time and we were still moving some stuff to the apartment, I decided just not to push it. We then drove to a near 7-Eleven location but instead went to a liquor store right very close to find champagne and Cheetos. We had wished we could have the time to spend for the new year in a fine dining restaurant and bar afterwards but we stayed at home comfortably seated watching the countdown on the program shown by Comcast at channel 2 and just captured the moment with a video. Below is the clip where we simply celebrate our New Year together at home.


ring-my-Belle said...

wow, how sweet naman.. okay lang kamo ra duha para way samok. hehe kami sa akong juwa duha ra pod mi. lol


lagi first time jud namo na kami ra. wa ko na get used to but okay ra sad. murag palihi nalang pud noon.