January 1, 2008

To see familiar faces

It will be less than 2 weeks from now, I will take my vacation off to Hongkong. I am excited to see the place. I only have been there inside the airport, and looking down from inside the plane, see the city from up above. I had seen it twice and from the pictures that my husband took when he had visited the place. This time with a good timing for convention for Fashion Exhibit this Jan 14-17, I am excited to be there and a prospective buyer as well. Just have to take a look first as to what products and designs they're promoting. I love to see current fashion and near future trends. For sure this will be an eventful week for me and hubby.

Just a week stay there in HK, we will go straight to Cebu, Philippines. The island I grow up, where my town and home is kilometer away from the beach. The familiar smoke of the cars near SRP, at the new coastal road. The barbecue from meat to fruits. The loud karaoke machines of the neighbors and just the warmth of the people. There's no place like home.

I am looking forward to see my family and friends. Visit the beach in Talisay, Lapu-lapu and wanting to see Malapascua or Bantayan Island. My itinerary is not set to beach outing yet but i will just plan it when I get there. My mom and I talked days ago about letting her know I wanted to organize a party for friends, and she said she wanted to invite others and she will partake to pay some too. It will be such a good idea. I wished all the friends I wanted to see will come and I hope to have memories to all in just an evening night with them. I am thrilled to and anxious to be home and see all those familiar faces.


ring-my-Belle said...

Don't forget to go to Mangkok or Harbour City if you want to buy fashion stuff. They have everything, very cool! :)


Ok I'll mark that down. Thanks Belle!

texas_sweetie said...

hi Roch,thanks sa comment. wowwww kalami nimo oi mouliay diay kas Sugbu. E hi lang kos atong yutang natawhan ha? taga Opon baya ko nig landing nimo sa Mactan palihug kog luwa kajut sa gamayng eskinita kilid sa may Days hotel kay kana diha padulong nas among puy-anan. Matumbo ang name sa gamayng lugar left side nimo ug manukad kas airport hohohoho..how i wish masulod kos imong maleta kay kaulion napud kowwwwwwww...HAPPY NEW YEAR DIAY!!


di ba u just had ur vacation sometime ago...gamingaw na pud ka sa atoa diay. heheh! bitaw oi its really different at home, bisag pinobrehay ra gud di ba.