January 2, 2008


I had symptoms of allergy reaction to chicken. You could ask “WHAT, Chicken?” Oh yes, I do have hypersensitivity to it. Don’t know why. It crossed to my mind why all of a sudden this happens to me. All my life, it’s always chicken food from left to right. Every menu that my mom cooked, I ate every single one of them. She loves to experiment and I would say everything she cooked was so good. Regardless of the healthy content, it was just delicious.

When I reached 21yrs old, body changed in a momentous way. Skin was very sensitive to food intake and drastic rashes ensued on the face. It was terrible. I hate to take pictures that time. Appointments with different dermatologists were tested and it seemed what I got was very hard to heal. I’d bear all of that and I just don’t like people to see me especially when they’re surprised and would say ‘what happen?

Until now I am still carrying all of that inflammation. It is not too overpowering now. I need just to stay away from oily and fatty foods. Delicious pastries are so inviting too that I tried to minimize to eat. That sounds deprivation isn’t it? Yes it surely is. Can you prevent from not eating one of your most favorites, such as chocolates? It’s too hard to resist but hey there’s nothing I can do. If I’ll eat more then suffering can get worst. Occasionally I eat it, but watch on how much to take.

It is unfortunate to be in this kind of torment. I hope there will be a day that everything can be normal and I could eat as many as I want. Perhaps, it will happen but I won’t assume it will.

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