January 2, 2008

Work Appreciation

It is so hard to wake up early in the morning to go to work especially after coming from a holiday. Even though, I didn't do much drinking and partying with friends for the New Year. The body isn't just ready or I am not eager to work. Can't help not to report for money wise it is beneficial for me. It's better to carry a little bit than not having anything to save and before I can take my vacation.

Boss showed up at 10am. He went to my cube first asking and greeting me for a Happy New Year. He seemed not stressed. That's pretty good to see. In most days when he comes to work. I can tell that his overly stressed not just because of work but with his personal life too. I don't know what's going on with him and his girlfriend. I can't help not to wonder because sometimes if he would ask me about my personal life, he gets envy because I am secured, happy and contented. He wished to feel the same way. I pitied him in some way but I am hoping things will get better with him and his girl.

Beforehand, while Boss wasn't around. I signed up the form that I had get from the HR last week for direct deposit and the voided check. When he approached me for a greeting, I gave it to him and his surprised that I was ready for it. I just want to get it out of the way and so I don't have any hassle for next months pay check.

Noon time, silently relaxing while texting my hubby and done with my lunch. My boss came to talk to me again. He just arrived from our main office. He was very delighted to see me and told me how happy he is that the people from the main office was impressed to me. He extended his gratitude and even asking me to really stay and work with the company. He had said of giving a a better increase when the time comes. That is nice, but deep in my mind how long could that increase be? hehehe... I guess his not too comfortable that I might leave and find another job. Wendy one of the HR personnel told him to not let go of his better employee. Hmmm...that could be me and the girls...But honestly when I came to the main office last week. I didn't do nothing to really making an impression. As natural as I can be, I approached all the people there with decency and a wide smile. I listened attentively to Wendy while she's explaining to me all the benefits that the company provides with her not so called American accent perhaps Canadian. I was just being friendly and nice. To my boss, hearing a very good compliment to the main office staff give him the impression too that his a good manager. He's very appreciative of us and I would say he is really likable. There could be sometimes his off but he'd said sorry when he thinks it was too bad. He is a good boss. He is giving me a lot of credits towards my job and what I do, that's why I stayed though the job is against my will.

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