January 2, 2008

A promise for Keeps

June year 2003, I made a decision to quit my job at City Sports Club. It was a decision I wasn't so sure of if there will be any other better things I could do to my life. I was a dreamer. I think so big that other people couldn't grasp the desire of my fantasy. I knew one thing that time. I had the feeling that I could travel somewhere in the future.

Jane my 1st degree cousin that time was looking at her brighter future as well. She thought there was no life better in store for her with the job she had. I am older than her and her older sister was the one I got very close since we were kids. But with lots of miss times by our life changing events, Jane and I bumped at a frequent parties by our close immediate family. She'd grown up to be matured, open minded and not a young kid anymore that I thought she was. So for that reason with often coincidence at parties, we'd grow fond to each others company.

We started calling each other until we decided to try to go to school for nursing. We made to the point to talked to the Dean at one of the nearest school in our town and we had officially enrolled. We were too excited to start school but our class was dropped. The class required a certain number of applicant that it didn't able to comply so we tend to withdraw it and got our refund back. It was a sad thing. We thought maybe nursing school was not meant to be.

At our lowest emotions, we comforted ourselves by calling each other when able. She still was working with her company while I was jobless and doesn't know what to do with my future. I was living with my separation pay from my last company and under the roof of my parents. I was in desperation.

Even though there were no luck, I was holding on to my belief that in the future something better will happen. One of the conversation me and Jane had, she'd opened up a statement that by year 2007 on the day of birthday, we must see or talk no matter where we are in the world or where our lives could bring us.

We were not thinking at that instant that we may able to see some parts of the world. I had the chance to see Malaysia and she did in Thailand the year after. I flew to California to live the man who fulfilled my innermost feelings by 2005 and she followed me a year after to Indiana to marry the loved of her life. It was an event we never really expect we could attained.

Last November 2007, she chatted with me in yahoo messenger and told me a surprise. She wanted to see me on Christmas Day. It might not fulfilled the promised on the day of my birthday but just seeing me a day after doesn't make a difference for 1 day. The importance of wanting to see me and being together was so good to be true. She made it for me and I really loved her. We spent our day in San Francisco. I had the chance to see her hubby the first time and my hubby to him as well. We had all a good time. Now, we made a promised again. That we will meet up again for christening of our first child. Hmmm...wonder when could that be. It's a very exciting promise hopefully we will keep.

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Gracey said...

Hello sis! hay naku, punta ka sa Alcatraz kahit once lang. Actually, yon talaga ang isa sa mga matagal ko ng gustng makita. I am a paranormal junkie, you know. Mahilig sa ghost stories kumbaga LOL. Anyway, masyado malungkot yong place but you'll enjoy it.