January 4, 2008

Amazed by a Talented 10-Yr-Old

When I get bored or feel like missing home, I visited this site called 'The World of Filipinas'. I came across to one of the postings there about a very young girl. Her parents are musician and the mother is a Filipino. With all of that being said, since its a Filipino no wonder she could be a great musician when she grows up. Many are fond of her these days. Popular on Tv and Youtube.

If you wonder why she is talented, she's very interested to learn all the musical instruments. Right now she's very good at playing the piano and bass guitar. Her parents must be so proud of her. When I was at her age, I just start to learn the piano in basic. The way she plays and the kind of songs she chose from Alicia Keys which is her favorite song artist, she's a gifted child. Take a look at the clip below how she performed 'Fallin'. If I will have kids, I hope they'll be interested in music and talented too.

Gabi Wilson

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