January 5, 2008

How often do you have a massage?

Realizing this fact, many are indulge to go to a spa or massage parlor. I thought that people who go there just try to be sociable and joining the band wagon. My perception of people who spend their time and money was too much. I just realize that it is not because you have money or to elevate or be proud of your financial status but it is for people who really needs to relax or to help loosen up common body pains and aches.

When I was still in Cebu, I used to jog early in the morning not everyday but as often as I would want to. I was accompanied with my parents and friends. With having too much, I sprained both my ankles. I started to asked my mom to get me her friend a masseuse who frequently came to our house. She's not a professional who were trained in school. In our way of describing it in our place we called a person who do a common massage is "manghihilot". She tried to rub and knead me with her best hoping to heal me but she didn't.

I had those pain for several months, couldn't walk far nor for long hours. Wearing high heels can get even worst, even just walking in a mall to shop was unbearable. I was lucky I got healed by fate when I got the chance to visit Thailand. One of the best country for massage and its cheap and affordable. My husband booked me a tour over there for our 2nd honeymoon. We tried days of body massages. Still my ankle problem were the same. Part of our itinerary was to go to Phuket, and man its a miracle. I had this foot massage near Katathani resort. Just a little place with few masseuses. My husband was next to me while he had his body massage. Both of us were enjoying the last night of our stay with an hour of relaxation. I was astonished to got that feeling my ankles were restored. I was happy with excitement.

The experience I had made me think that massage is important especially if you were under stress regularly. It will help you relax and loosen up. I hate doing it for my husband and I know I must for his stressed all the time. He always asked me and many times I turned him down. It's not too much to ask for but I couldn't help it. I just didn't get used to. These days I tried to give what he wants. Not that often, but if possible as I can. I got him a Percussion massager for Christmas so at least I could used it for him and it's helping. He liked it and I liked it too. I had pain too from my job and I'm loving to have more massages myself. So I know how my husband feels and I should be worry on that. Everyday massages, that could be so wonderful. Wish I could a have another hand to get me and my husband to do it for us.


Lerlyn said...

hi roche, tagai kog exact address kung asa ka nagpa massage sa thailand bi..kay kailangan jud na sa akong hubby ba..salamat!


We were in Sukumhvit, not sure of the spelling. bare with me. eheh! the heart of the city where we have our massages. There are so many of them. Actually there's no certain salon. Most of the massue are really good. Not only their good, its less expensive too.