January 6, 2008

Best Year of My life

****wrote this July 12, 2006****

A year had passed there were so many things that had happened. I didn’t know all those wishes and dreams will come true. Infact, just within the year I've reached all those goals and fulfilled it.

As you see me today it is as if I didn’t experience hardships. Many years I have been so lonely and none made my life easy. Frequently, I was faced with nightmares and oftentimes so painful. I thought I could live all of it and never wake up. At all times negative vives like aches, pains, sorrows, loneliness and emptiness were there by my side. I tried several times to surpass it until I was trapped and it worsen my fears. It lead to a point of not knowing what road to take and couldnt determined what path was right from wrong. My world turned upside down. I had lose hope, no direction, and even turned against God. Nobody knew I had a self esteem problem and my faith was in trouble. One day, a concerned friend convinced me to dedicate my time to pray and recognized the will of God. Years gone by the spiritual advices had no significant meaning until I opened my door to get back to him. I know I was foolish but I repented. I now see miracle, I renewed and regained my faith. I give up my life to him and I wouldn’t have been better now if I don’t put my trust to him. Prayers works wonder and I am so happy I am blessed Alive and being Love.

Part of God’s blessings and through all my prayers things gets better. I tried to pray for someone who could be right for me and He listened to me. He gave me a friend in the beginning like an angel who cared to understand what I had gone through until feelings we’re developed, bloomed into something special and finding him to be the person I can live my life with. He proved to me his genuine intensions in getting married to two different Catholic Ceremony just within 5 months lapsed of time with the distance each one event took place. God was our witness besides our family, relatives and friends. I only heard few people who can do the same thing as he did and for me it was the greatest gift of love. He stood by me in all means through his compassion, sincerity and dedication. There will be no person better for me other than him because if not through him my life will be different. I probably will still be on the crossroad undecided what to do with my life and what road to walk through. We might be tested by time and will be tested more but his always there to show what his heart can capable of. How lucky I am to have him by my side.

I am more than blessed for all the wonderful adventure that my husband shared to me. From way back when we were in the Philippines, on the day I arrived here in the Us, on the special day when we exchange our wedding vows, to the night of our honeymoon up to the present, he took time to spend it with me. In his own way he is very thoughtful. Every occasion he dared not to miss anyone of them. He wrote love letters and cards, surprised me with cakes, balloons, flowers, and gifts in any special day. For once he never forgets. How can anyone like me not to feel so special with somebody who wants to make you happy? He deserves to be cared for and loved, not because of what he shows or do but because of the kind of a man he is. It’s not all the time you can find someone who can love you for being you and who can takes care of you.

Part of our journey we visited so many places and each one of them had great memories to cherish and reminisce. We started in the Philippines and continuing to explore places. It doesn’t matter where, how expensive or cheap the place is, as long as the adventure can fulfill our excitement, there’s no experience such as great as this. With all of these trips, I don’t think I can forget it all.

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