January 6, 2008

Need to Pack

It's getting close, and still not ready. I have to packed and it should be a priority. But my attention is divided again. First thing in the morning all I did, cook for breakfast for me and hubby, clean the kitchen and facing the laptop again. Checking who's online and if there are any emails. Nothing and no sort of interesting for the day, so I made a video from the captured scenes I took from Jane's visit. This very moment I am still uploading it.

Hubby's taking a shower right now and I will be next. After, maybe grab something to bite and check my luggage and start planning what to bring for the trip. It seems lately not so very excited. But I will have to do it or else I might be in so rush that I might forget a lot of things. I already have some lists that I did last Thursday and it will help me remember. Ok guys, have to go. I will come back later and let you know how I am progressing.

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