January 8, 2008

For my Dad

Last month, I chat online with my parents and siblings. My mom stressed out to me about my dad's condition and told me if I can find "Glutathione". I never heard this nor I am not a medical type of person so generic names are pretty hard to comprehend unless it is commonly use. I asked about this from her on what does it do with dad. She told me that the doctor recommended to him and it will be good for him. I shared this to my hubby and both of us tried to research on what does it do. With our readings, it seems a pretty good supplement. My time ran short and few days ago I tried to search online where to find it directly. Even at work, I got the nerve to browse and do my thing. Of course if boss not around. I found one at GNC location at Westfield Valley Fair. They only carry one product. I don't have much time to waste so I went. The gentlemen who watched for the store where very accommodating and helped me find it. But no luck for me, product sold out. I was given a phone number to check a day or two if their shipment for new supplies will arrive. So I did today, and happy they have it in stock but a few of them. I reserved 2 bottles by phone and 20mins later I bought it with additional 2. The gentlemen told me that many buyers who came to the store and looked for the same thing where mostly Filipinos. They'd mention that its side effect will make your skin fairer. That sounds interesting. But the main usage of the product can help people who have cancer, diabetes, and a lot more. I'm sure with what I bought my dad will be happy and in the coming days I will gonna see him again.

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