January 7, 2008

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I just finished chatting with former Dentist in the Philippines. She's one of the many friends I am close to. She had put my braces before and I was asking her some advice for my condition because I know she knows my dental history. I was instructed by my new dentist here to have it removed. It's long overdue and it has been a year since I was told. Not a very good patient isn't it. But hey, if you will see the $$ on your dental monthly bills, not hundreds but thousands? Would you be doing the same thing? My husband was willing to do it but I don't. That's just too much. The money I could spend from my surgery expense here will cost me a roundtrip travel to PI with pocket money. Sounds more valuable than spending my tooth extracted where not only I could get pain but much painful for bank account withdrawals. It's not interesting to include this for my trip but there's no other way or time to do it. Much used of money and I could see my family back home. I am excited to see them soon and I am packed. I only need to buy some more stuff to bring and it could be a day or two to have them. I am expecting that on friday, when I leave off from work everything will all be in placed. I will be departing from SFO at 12:05 on the 12th. Excited to be in Hongkong the day after and have 5 days of adventure. Goodnite guys! Until next day.

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