January 10, 2008

Crunching Day

Its tougher day after day especially my boss is putting some loads on me to encode some missing files from our system. I tried to do it in a hurry. I was told to do it yesterday and today he put me another encoding to do too. Never ending task and I can't take things easy at work. I talked to my boss in the afternoon an hour before I left. I was in panic again because I was doing the encoding at a wrong username. I was trying to pull up my remaining time just to get some bunch of warehouse reports done and it left me 2 and remaining 10 days of warehouse reports. Oh my my! This is going to get very interesting. Tomorrow will be more crunching time not just for work but my packing preparation too. Right now, I am doing what I can to check what needs to be done and prepare. Hope I get everything in place...Okay guys, see you all in a day or two. Probably I could spare my time there in Hongkong. Flight is at 12:05am the 12th from SFO to HK. Pray for my safe journey. Thanks!


Lerlyn said...

hala Che..magpa Cebu jud d-i ka? timinga oi sinulog!ingat sa byahe!


Hi Lyn, yes mag SInulog jud ko oi. heheeh and thanks for dropping by. Hope to see u soon.