January 11, 2008

Running my thoughts

I am at work right now. I just can’t help not to run my thoughts at this time. The phone lines are not busy. Not so much calls today. I am tired and sleepy. Though not so much time to prepare for the day and I am guessing I am all packed. I think I need to get some stuff out of my luggage. My husband talked to me last night to packed light and it’s kind of heavy for me if I will carry two bags myself. He has some things to carry too and not enough strength to carry mine. I need to check it again and left some behind.

After work, I have to do some little errands. I need to go to the bank have my small bills change and deposit some checks. Go home and do some cleaning. We always want to make our place tidy and right now with days running errands from day to day it badly needed. It’s good to get back when the house is clean.

Tonight is my flight. Riding Cathay Air and on 12:05am the 12th. Get a cab before 8pm to catch Caltrain to Millbrae and Bart to SFO. Excited to see Hongkong, and have myself rested. We’ll arrive the following morning. Plan to tour some nearby spot I guess. Hubby didn’t plan anything for that day. We will see how it goes. Monday to Wednesday we have some training and seminars to attend that I recently registered. I am expecting to get more information. So I guess this is my last blog here in Ca. Follow me to HK.


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JOEMADEL said...

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Thanks for dropping by. hope to see you more from here.