January 15, 2008

Here in HK

It’s my 3rd day here in HK. I didn’t get the chance to drop some lines few days ago. I was kind of tired and was configuring that time whether there’s a free access in the hotel where we stay. We are in Wan Chai, center to all activities. Not so crowded but pretty much a lot of tourists. And Filipinos denominated here. I was very surprised. I can’t even glanced not seeing even one Filipino. It’s so good to see most of them here working and I know how hard it is for them to work and leave their family back home.

I arrived here last Sunday morning. We went to Stanley market riding the double layered bus which I was very amused and telling my husband about it. I saw the view from the 2nd floor while going roundtrip from there and it was really nice.

In our 2nd day, went to Convention center to see the fashion exhibit. It was much lots of walking from floor to floor. We saw Hall 1 and Grand hall. We talked to some suppliers that we are interested but not very much. It was just an overview how the supplier from mainland china and hongkong are doing with the US market. I would say they all dominating the export to Europe, Australia and Asia. It is too bad for the US Market. During the night, we went to see The peak. It was so nice to see on top the view of the entire city.

Today, we went to Hall 3, 5, 7 and world of boutique. We got the chance to talk to some suppliers again but we are not too eager to make commitments. The minimum pieces of products or items per design are way too much for a start up business. No wonder the fashion in the US market is not as updated like Asia. The US is just too bold and ordinary.

At the end of our day, we rode Star Ferry to Kowloon. It was like a 10 minutes ride across. I am shocked. There are a lot of people. It was like going to Tabuan or Carbon in Cebu. But it was more like sardines when we rode the MTR going to Mongkok. I witnessed how people were crazy over there buying and selling. It got so many products from clothes, accessories and electronics. We just got to walk an hour and we head back to the pier to video the laser show. It was very nice. Then we end up our day having different massage. I had a foot massage and hubby got his body massage. It helped us to relax from a busy day of walking.


Thira said...

hello Roche, visiting here, enjoy your vacation:)


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