January 20, 2008

Sinulog 08

I am at Ayala Center now at Netopia Cafe while waiting for my mom and the rest of the family. Earlier today, me and hubby stayed at Cebu Midtown Hotel. We did our breakfast before 9am and got out to see the parade 30 minutes after. We saw lots of contigents, giants, float, local actors, commercial advertisements, drum bougle, and a lot more. I was having a nice time though its hot and humid. I had a good time watching a little street dancing from the contigents. I had taken some video and photos. I will post when I got the chance either tonight or when there's a chance for me to use the internet.

It has been a long time that I haven't seen Sinulog. Probaby 3 or 4 years. Wonder why that long? It was either I was sick or my work didn't get me the privilege to watch it. But this year, I did make it sure that I will not going to miss it. And which I did somehow. I am together with my hubby who is his first time too. His not enjoying the not organize parade flow and the undisciplined foreigners and local that spoil our view or the contigents street dancing and traffic. It could just part of the show but I wish somehow someday, they can make it organize and traffic is good. If this would be our island attraction for tourist, to draw more crowds is discipline and good organization. Just praying one day it will happen so the country can get more benefits from the tourists.

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