February 5, 2008

In Pain

My left wisdom tooth is bothering me today. It started yesterday. It’s hard to widely open my mouth to talk to or to smile. I got home so tired and had put oral gel on the spot where it got problems. It numbed for sometime but when the medicine was out the pain remains. Before I went to bed, I had put another more to get numb and I had fallen asleep.

Hoping to have a better day, it is a little bit better but not sufficient. I appear to expect a good health these days. I would like to have a fine week. Emotionally I don’t feel 100% about the current condition, not just physically but as the articles I read upon on the US market as well. It sounded off topic with finances right. Well its part the things my mind is circling into.

I hope my tooth will not get worst and the medication I am using can help prevent the sore. I am not prepared to have an early surgery and might resigned to work. I wish for a better day of being healthy.

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