February 6, 2008


It was gloomy earlier. I felt like going home and sleep. I am at work fighting my eyes to stay awake. My last night was better and I am very much glad about it. Yet, I still wanted to have more time and hours to sleep. Quite lazy you think? I am not. It is the vacation I spent recently made my body change. It’s hard after taking a break. My body is not accustomed to do more. I got used to be in a relax mode. When will do a little more it’s getting difficult.

What will you do when you are so sleepy and you are at work? Would you do something creative, to read, make noise, talked to your officemate or someone to stay awake? What if you there’s no computer internet access, you can’t text or any other sort. How will you be able to stay alert and won’t fall asleep?

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