February 6, 2008

New thing

New gadget, new technology and more inventions. I haven't come across this tiny little thing ever or I may fall behind with all the newest thing there is in the market. It's not all that is important anyway and so why go for the bandwagon if it's not very necessary.

This is MP3 WMA wireless Fm Modulator. You will just turn your car stereo on and tune the frequency the same as your Car MP3 player. Press the play bottom of the car MP3 player to enjoy music. Isn't that cool? I know you can use Ipod but can you imagine the gigantic difference of this one. It only cost less than $30 with the USB already. I don't know how much you can upload music by the 1G USB but I surely know it play more.

I only knew this when my brothers at home where using this. My younger brother gave this to my hubby so he can play it with his car. Eventually this will be mine. I haven't tested it yet to my car nor hubby but sooner when I can download the songs to the USB definitely I will be the one to test it first.

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