February 2, 2008

Macau 2008

Toured Hongkong and stopped to see Macau. The trip to Asia will not be successful if we weren't able to do it but we did. I was with hubby rode the Turbo Jet passed immigration and arrived at 4pm. It was very foggy and so cold outside. We don't know where to go there. The only thing we knew was that The Venetian was the tallest in the whole world and it would be a little farther from the pier. We couldn't spend too far. We just need to stay for some hours nearby and head back to Kowloon.

We asked people and others dispatching and holding placards at their hand. Names of different hotels were presented. We talked to one of their representative then chose to go to Wynn Hotel. It is a free shuttle bus service to go to the hotel. We were approached 2 warm Filipino working with Wynn. Gave us a free $50hk dollar voucher that we could redeemed when we arrived to play at the casino. We rode and 10minutes we saw the hotel. It's a pretty scene to looked at. Though the weather wasn't helping us, I could still see the lights from across the building of different casinos. It is not like the strip in Las Vegas, but a pretty good place to hang out.

I've read that Wynn Macau has generated more income than the whole strip in Las Vegas. Can you imagine that? And the Venetian is the tallest in the whole world. It could have been a pretty good sight to see if we did able to see both but too unfortunate our time was limited. We skipped Venetian Hotel. I was just thinking that if one day I could have the time to spare in Asia, I would definitely want to see it. So we spend our afternoon inside Wynn. We ate at Cafe Esplanda. A very cozy dining area. Just tour a little bit the hotel and played at the casino. I did almost win some few bucks but was kind of hoping to get more so I lost my winning bucks. But I had fun.

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