February 3, 2008

What if You can See things?

Today is the superbowl day. I am not fun of watching football nor my hubby is. I got bored with these past few days just stayed all day at home doing nothing and or just faced my laptop scribbling my thoughts in words or just browsing and reading articles from politics, economics, entertainment and blogs from friends.

I told my husband last night that I wanted to get out today to watch a movie and have a sip of coffee. We've got out past 12 noon and the movie will start at 1:55. We had a lot of time to spare so we tried to look at some apartment complex nearby. It is something we need to do or focus next month. But anyway, we did see two and went to the theater paid the tickets. Starbucks is just beside the theater we ordered our coffee, sit for a little bit killing the time.

The movie title is "The Eye". The leading actress is Jessica Alba. It's a suspense thrilling movie. I haven't read the critics but when I saw it I just loved it. She saw things unreal for the eyes who have no possession of seeing the unseen.

It's scary to think that if you have that gift when you were a child and no one would believe in the things you see and people will judge you as crazy or a witch because you can predict what will going to happen would be difficult. If I have that gift, I don't know if I can handle the situation seeing dead people and talking to them.

Some of us have this gift and I believed in them. It's not for me to judge but I do believe. Others think it's superstition and think its crazy. For me, I rather trust a little intuition than not having at all. Who knows it might protect me and I could be saved from harm.

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