February 3, 2008

Back to work

3 weeks had gone fast. Tomorrow will be my first day of work. I was kind of worried a week after I left to spend for my vacation. I had made sure that my boss was still willing to have me working at the company. I got his response 5 days after and told me not to get worried. Everything was taken care of and would be happy to see me when I get back. It took the trouble thoughts away.

To be honest, I am not too eager to go back. I know every Monday is a busy day for the company. Heavy calls and too much complaints. I should be glad that I have a job to sustain to some of my inexpensive wants. Sometimes I just prefer to be at home doing something else. At times I can't just be happy on what I have and would look towards more. Someday, in God's time and his will he might let me have what I wish for. It's all in his hands.

Later have to do some pressing on the work clothes and sleep early. It could be an interesting day of questions tomorrow from my co-worker and boss'. Just hope everything will be ok.

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